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Mama Healing Journey
Ceara McManus

You’ve had a postpartum journey already, and want to experience another way.

Or perhaps you’re welcoming your first baby and have heard stories about how difficult it can be.

Having Ceara as my doula for my second baby was the best decision I made in my postpartum recovery

Experience Deep Rejuvenation as you
enter Motherhood

First 42 Days Care & Support

I’m Ceara, I’m so glad you’re here

I’ve seen the transformation that happens when women surrender to slowing down and allow themselves to be cared for by me.

Everything is restructuring after birth, your body, your emotions and your relationships. Pregnancy and birth takes so much out of women that is too often not put back in.

I’ve experienced this myself and ended up running on empty after years of mothering. With the right support this can be different. You can be cared for so you can heal and nourish your body and soul.

The care I offer women is based in ayurvedic principles and focuses on rest and diet for you, and herbs and massage for you and your baby.

I work in person with families in North Wicklow and South Dublin.

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