Postnatal Doula Support for You & Your Newborn

A postnatal doula comes to your home after you’ve given birth to help you recover and enjoy a gentler transition to parenthood.

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You've just birthed a baby, are healing,
not sleeping and in love.

Doula To You - Postnatal Doula Care

Emotional Support

Here to help through one of life's most significant events. Postnatal doula care aims to be always supportive in your decisions and to be a guide to allow you to become more confident with your instincts.

Doula To You - Postnatal Doula Care

Practical Support

Giving you time to rest, recover and bond with your baby. We offer ourselves as an extra pair of hands to help with meal preparation, light housework & entertaining other children you may have.

Doula To You - Postnatal Doula Care

Informational Support

Up to date information to help you make the right decisions for your family. We offer guidance on baby care, physical recovery, baby soothing & breast feeding or bottle feeding.

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Meet Our Doulas



Hi, I’m Eleanor.

I live in Kilcoole with my husband Wayne and two children Ella & Bailey. After two totally different postpartum experiences myself and listening to other women’s stories, I have come to appreciate the value of support, encouragement & a little TLC during the early days of a new family’s journey. This inspired me to research into and become a postpartum doula to help nurture families to grow and thrive.

As a postpartum doula I feel that families both new and growing should feel minded, nurtured and cared for during the precious early days and weeks. I’m passionate about encouraging families to really slow down and embrace the fourth trimester as it’s such a sacred time. Caring for families mind, body and soul as they transition into parenthood is at the heart of my work. Having trained in massage I love to bring this to the families I work with. Massage can help mothers feel grounded and gives them that bit of time to reconnect with themselves. After all, giving birth is one of the most significant experiences, both physically and emotionally, a woman will ever experience.




Hi! I live in Kilcoole with my husband Daire, and our three beautiful, but sometimes crazy kids! I have always loved babies and children, and ever since being pregnant with my first child in 2009, that love has turned into a fascination and a passion for all things birth! I believe what the female body does throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and in the postpartum is truly amazing!

The help and support that I had received after each of my babies, was something I wanted to offer other women, as I saw this as something that is lacking in our communities. When I came across the postpartum doula training I was very excited that this role existed! I trained with DONA in 2018 and have been supporting families since then! It is a privilege to be able to offer this service to new parents and be there to reassure and nurture them as they make their way into parenthood. I am passionate about helping families to trust their instincts, as they are the ones who know their babies best. I believe that all mothers deserve nurturing care and support so they can have a positive experience in those first precious weeks. I have also trained with Antenatal Ireland as a childbirth educator and offer online and private one day antenatal courses. I am an active member of my local Cuidiu group in North Wicklow and also serve on the National Maternity Hospital steering group as a service user representative.

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Postnatal Doula support is a thoughtful gift of an expert helping hand for a friend, sister, daughter or any expectant mama in your life.



We help families new, and growing. We can help you settle into your new family as it changes. Life will be busier so having support will make all the difference. Your other children will be going through an adjustment period as well. We will ease everyone through this time.

What People Say

Client Testimonials

Honestly say I have come through the first few weeks as a Mum of two feeling empowered and confident that I have got this. I cannot recommend Doula to You enough. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!!! 😃
Second Time Mum
Ceara brought a calmness and a lightness to our newly formed family which helped me enormously in my recovery from giving birth on a physical, emotional and energetic level.
First Time Mum
Eleanor just fit into our family & did whatever needed to be done! Supporting me emotionally, with breastfeeding, feeding me, keeping me hydrated, cleaning, cooking, minding our little one (who is still talking about her), minding my partner, the list goes on.
Second Time Mum

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