I have family support, is doula support different?



Postnatal Doula Support

You’ve been reading up on the fantastic support postnatal doulas are for new parents – we offer non-judgmental, emotional as well as breastfeeding support. We also help with newborn care, meal preparation and light housework – this all helps new families rest, recover, eat nutritiously and most importantly feel minded. You are also lucky enough to have your family close by and willing to help, so the question is why would you need a postnatal doula?

A postnatal doula is a trained professional, whose level of expertise is quite different to a family or friend’s personal experiences. The well-meaning advice that comes from personal experience isn’t always up to date information. With continuous training we keep ourselves up to date with postpartum recovery guidelines and infant care recommendations. We therefore have the knowledge to share with you about what is normal in your recovery, and in your newborn’s care. 

Your family, your choices

The choices you make about what’s best for you and your family might not always be the same as those of your family – and that’s ok. It can however, cause some tension and feelings of self-doubt as you navigate your new parenting role.  All the differing opinions and suggestions on how you should or could be parenting, while not being intentionally judgmental can be taken that way when you are in that vulnerable state of new parenthood. We, on the other hand, are not emotionally invested in your choices. Our support is truly non-judgmental, we are there to listen to any questions you may have and guide you in your decision making.



Whole Family Support

Postnatal doulas support the whole family – while our primary support is for the mothers we are also very aware that fathers need support too. They are doing most of the rushing and racing around, looking after any other children that are in the family on very little sleep. We give them the break they need to keep on top of everything. We are also there to check in with them that they are doing ok – we shouldn’t forget that they too have become new parents.


Emotional Support

The practical support that your family can give you in the early weeks is fantastic. You may find it difficult to share how you’re feeling during this huge time of change in your life. Having a postnatal doula to sit with you while you figure things out, perhaps debriefing the birth, and gently guiding you through the emotions that you are experiencing is a very different kind of support. Your family and friends are an important part of your parenthood journey. Their care and love can never be replaced by the professional support of a doula, after all they know you best.  Professional support means you will receive what you need to feel confident and prepared without any added advice or opinions.