Other Local Services

Nurture Health


085 861 9585

Nurture Health is a nationwide counselling & training support service with over nine years experience delivering immediate, timely and affordable well-being professional counselling supports surrounding conception, pregnancy, childbirth and other related difficulties

Nurture For Two


+353 86 107 2119

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC. I offer safe, private one to one breastfeeding help and support. Having the support of a Lactation Consultant in the early days and beyond can be extremely helpful and reassuring. Breastfeeding is the biologically normal way to feed your baby but sometimes difficulties can arise. With help and support most breastfeeding issues can be resolved.

Herbs & Healing


086 809 9248

Hi there, I’m Caroline of Herbs & Healing. Im a Medical Herbalist, Psychotherapist and Natural Mind-Body mentor. Drawing on over 20 years of working with people through psychological and natural health modalities, I have developed a unique framework that teaches people how to create a simple, sustainable pathway to mind-body health and wellbeing using plants, purpose and the power of the psyche.

Physio & Wellness Hub


085 137 2002

Physio & Wellness Hub founder, Anna Poznanska – Citko, is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Certified Low Pressure Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor and a Holistic Therapist.
For over 10 years she has devoted her professional development to women’s health. Anna holds certificates in Acupuncture, Massage, Maternity Reflexology and Infant Massage.

Drake Chiropractic


01 293 7803

We can assist you with pain relief in a number of ways: Most people look after their teeth better than their spines, but in reality, you can get a new set of teeth easier than getting a new spine!

Emer McFarlane


086 315 0175

We Focus on Women’s Health supporting the following areas;

  • Emotional Wellness/ Anxiety/ Stress / Depression/Insomnia/IBS/loss of energy
  • Physical Pain – back ache, sciatica, shoulder pain, SPD, Pelvic Inflammation
  • Infertility
  • Pre and Post Natal Care
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Returning to work after having children (life coaching service also offered)

The Yoga Barre


087 150 1375

Regain balance with The Yoga Barre, Greystones. Our classes work your body, losing weight, improving core strength, posture and muscle tone but we want it to be fun too! Our goal is for you to leave the class healthier and happier.

Empowered Mama


At the Empowered Mama we understand that having a baby is one of the most amazing, joyful events in a woman’s life. Having said that we as Mama’s ourselves also understand that all of those changes that your body and life experience during pregnancy and postnatally can leave you feeling disconnected, unmotivated, weak and tired.

Photos By Annie


086 332 4452

Hello, I am so glad you stopped by! I’m Annie, a Greystones studio based wedding, children’s and family photographer.

As a wife and mother, I love to fill my days capturing your precious memories and exploring the world with my two boys, River and Wilde.

I am inspired by nature and creation and my goal is to make life and the world around us more beautiful. I’d love the chance to do that together.